Industrial Revolution now offers a bulk smsing facility with the flexibility to suit your company's changing needs. Our SMS facility allows you to choose to whom you would like your sms’s sent, when you would like these sent and allows you to insert any text you find applicable.

Our SMS facility also allows you to budget effectively for the sms’s you would like to send out, as you purchase SMS bundles from Industrial Revolution and once your limit is reached you will be informed of this, thereby eliminating the threat of overspending.

Pricing Table:

SMS Package Rate
1. 0 - 100 R 0.42 (per SMS)
2. 100 - 250 R 0.40 (per SMS)
3. 250 - 500 R 0.37 (per SMS)
4. 500 - 1000 R 0.35 (per SMS)
5. 1000 - 2500 R 0.32 (per SMS)
6. 2500 - 5000 R 0.30 (per SMS)
7. 5000 - 10000 R 0.27 (per SMS)
8. 10000 - 20000 R 0.25 (per SMS)
9. 20000 - 50000 R 0.24 (per SMS)
10. 50000 - Upwards R 0.23 (per SMS)

Industrial Revolution Bulk SMS facility is highly versatile and can be used in various avenues. We believe that this facility will soon become the media trend of the future as it is cost effective and reaches large audiences easily and effectively. This facility can be used in all departments within the company.

This bulk smsing facility is highly versatile and can be used in any business, within any department. This new means of mass communication will prove to be highly cost effective and an asset to any organisation.

There are various Packages to choose from and costing per SMS will alter as per the table below.

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